There are few things that matter to me, but they do it deeply.

I started programming in 2001 on the pursuit of teaching computers how to understand human languages. It frustrates me how stupid and annoying Siri and Alexa can be sometimes. It doesn't have to be like that though.

There's an insane potential on enabling computers to understand the world.

The steam engine made manufacturing cheaper and transportation quicker. Electricity allowed humans to use the hours when there is no sun. Later, it let them preserve food for a longer time and heat it in a couple minutes. It took small time before it entered the entertainment industry, in the form of recorded music, movies and pictures. Personal computers allowed to store and process great amounts of information precisely and fastly. The internet connected people in remote places and created a whole new globalized economy. Smartphones brought the power of computers to their users' pockets.

Artificial intelligence is not about replacing people, but giving them superpowers.

Imagine you're a musician. There's a tune in your head. You hum it to your computer and it makes scores of it for you. You can ask her to give it a guitar tone. You tap on your table and she records the beats and turn them into the drum section.

You're a photographer. Your computer selects the best shots you took among thousands of them in a few second. You ask her to color correct it. She tells you it can make the sky bluer and delete the guy photobombing your perfect take over the bridge.

You're a doctor. You tell the symptoms and your observations of a patient to your computer. She suggests a few possible diagnosis. You have a strong lead over two of them, but you're not an expert on them. She summarizes the latest papers on both and emails them to you. Also, she contacts a leading researcher on the topic on your behalf.

Welcome to the era of deep learning

If we were in the 1700s and I told you you could watch a concert happening on the other side of the world through a metal box, you might think I am a wizard or a lunatic. However, watching TV is totally natural for you now. Artificial neural networks have been around since the 1950s, but it wasn't until now that we have enough computing power, datasets and math developments to make it work.

Our universe has 4 perceptible dimensions for our senses: 3 spatial (width, length, depth) and time. Convolutional neural networks are capable of finding patterns in spatial data with the use of labeled samples. Recurrent neural networks can do so with temporal data and other kinds of sequences. There are also generative adversarial networks that compete for generating new data that feels real. Also, reinforcement learning which is responsible for self-driving cars and computers that can play video games.

All of them are an intersection of statistics, linear algebra and calculus. For production environments, also lots of patience, hacking datasets, coffee and Python code. So it's definitely not magic, but math is nonetheless magical.

I've been trying to give computers eyes and language for 16 years

Oli Fashion House

Oli is an app capable of suggesting new outfits to you based on the clothes of your closet, your lifestyle, taste and events. It can also tell you how well does a new item fits in your closet and whether you should buy it or not. If you don't have time to go shopping, it selects clothes from independent designers for you and we deliver them to your house or office just in time for that great day.


Piktia is an app that tells your story through your pictures. You can connect it to your social networks, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc and write a tag like "Christmas 2016" or "Vacations with my girlfriend". It will select your best pictures on that topic and create a scrapbook for you. We deliver it to your home or office ASAP using 3D printed drones.


Dagus is an education platform that builds learning programs for you based on your lifestyle, grades, learning pace and exam dates. Through analysis of your behavior on the platform in selects videos created by us that you should watch and tests you to measure your progress. You can input your exam calendar, favorite and tough subjects and daily schedule and it'll try to adapt to you so that you make the most progress in the least time.


Fika was an initiative to improve transportation in Mexico City. It was an app where you could enter your departure and destination locations and it will arrange a trip for you using our bus service, the public transportations system and other services like Uber. Our buses were equiped with iPads where you could pay by scanning your face if you had a suscription or with credit card for a single trip. They also were equipped with electric outlets, wi-fi and snacks.

Care Me

Care Me was an app to arrange home visits from highly qualified doctors. Using natural language processing, it could select an specialist according to your symptoms, location, and schedule.

Green Light Innovation

GLI was a company devoted to improving transportation analytics with the use of computer vision and machine learning.


Crabapps was the first digital publishing company in Latin America. We signed authors like Mario Benedetti and Ernesto Sabato, distributed Pedro Infante's movies and won a prize from SM Ediciones for the first digitally enhanced novel: Pomelo y Limón by Begoña Oro. We had a record label too where we uploaded indie artists to iTunes, Spotify, and more.

My amazing students

I've taught programming classes to over 1000 people. I taught iOS development courses at the iOS Coding Lab of San Ignacio Loyola's University and San Agustín College in Lima, Peru to incredible professionals from 14 to 78 years old. I taught iOS at Mexico's KMMX a couple of times too. I taught a private course on artificial intelligence for MacTrainee with a raising tech star. I've consulted companies in Santa Fe, Mexico City. I just love teaching what I love to others.

I'm not a robot

Most of my time is invested between my companies. I travel a lot, and I've lived in 5 countries. I don't think life has any special meaning and I'm highly conscious of my mortality and how little time I have here. Don't get me wrong: I love the universe, nature and humans. That's why my happiness is based on making random people smile. My work makes me feel part of something greater and I feel an empowering responsibility towards the users of my services.

I love my brother and my mom. I have very few friends, but I'd do anything for them. I enjoy playing the guitar and singing. I love beer and wine. I like dancing to electronic music. I have crushes every five minutes, but I haven't found a special someone yet. I read abundantly, but I have a hard time staying on one book, so I normally watch YouTube videos on the topics I'm interested. I've watched all the seasons of Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls and Black Mirror. I want to build Baymax, Samantha and Ava. I love french movies and fries with mayonnaise like I used to eat them in Belgium even when my bro thinks it's gross. People normally perceive me as cold and awkward, but it's just if I feel you're judging me or you have a second agenda. I believe in being 1% better everyday, not getting attached to material things and loving humans because we're all just a bunch of babies in hairy bodies.